Mr. Ronald E. Hawkins

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1¾___«________g __@_g_g_i_j_j_N:\EDIT\NORMAL.STY__________________________________________________HPLASIIDk_@_Õ.Ð_____h_g___i_µ_October 27,1993

Mr. Ronald E. Hawkins

Executive Secretary

Maryland Public Service Commission

6 St. Paul Centre

Baltimore, MD 21 202~806

Re: Case No. 8582-- MAPA's Proposed List of Additional Issues

Dear Mr. Hawkins:

Enclosed please find an original and 10 copies of a letter to Chief Hearing Examiner Bourland for filing in Case No. 8582. Please date stamp the additional copy and return it in the enclosed envelope. A copy of this letter was faxed to Hearing Examiner Bourland and All Parties of Record on Wednesday, October 27. Follow up copies were sent by overnight mail to Hearing Examiner Bourland and first class mail to All Parties of Record.
Please don't hesitate to call if you have any questions about this filing.


D.E. Boehli

Counsel to

The Washington Post Company

October 27,1993

Via Facsimile and U.S. Mail

O. Ray Bourland, 111

Chief Hearing Examiner

Public Service Commission of Maryland

6 St. Paul Centre

Baltimore, Maryland 21202

Re: Case No. 8582-- MAPA's Proposed List of Additional Issues

Dear Hearing Examiner Bourland:

At the Prehearing Conference in this case held on October 13, 1993, the parties in attendance discussed the issues raised by The Washington Post Company's ("TWP") Petition at some length. Those present worked together in framing a detailed list of issues to be addressed in the proceeding, and ultimately adopted a list of issues that was even more comprehensive than the thorough list suggested by Staff (the "Issues List"). The Middle Atlantic Payphone Association ("MAPA") did not send a representative to that meeting, although it was aware that one of the purposes of the Prehearing Conference was to develop a list of issues to be addressed. The parties who were present nevertheless considered MAPA's interest in the proceeding and agreed to add the following to Staff's draft of the Issues List: "Limited to the scope of this proceeding, what, if any, issues are presented to payphone providers regarding the assignment of N11 codes?"
After the Issues List was adopted, you granted MAPA's Petition to Intervene on the condition that the MAPA "takes the case as it finds it. "1 A week


1 You reiterated this in your letter of October 22 to All Parties of Record in the proceeding. In the matter of the Petition of The Washington Post Company requesting the assignment of an

O. Ray Bourland, III

October 27,1993

Page 2

after that ruling, MAPA sent a letter in which it proposed to add 10 issues to the Issues List ("Proposed Issues"). For the reasons stated below, TWP opposes MAPA's proposal.
First, virtually every one of MAPA's proposed issues is already encompassed by the Issues List. For example, MAPA's proposed issue A concerns how to assign N11 codes to ensure that they are put to "their highest and best use;" its proposed issue B asks whether charges associated with N11 code assignments could be "flowed back" to ratepayers, e.g. by auction of N11 codes; proposed issue C asks what the public benefits are of assigning a code to a particular applicant; and proposed issue F inquires about the public need for services primarily accessed from home telephones. All of these are variations on the question of whether use of N11 codes is in the public interest (Issue 1 on the Issues List), and how and for what purposes the Commission should assign N11 codes (Issues 3,4,6 and 8 on the Issues List).2
MAPA does raise several issues specifically concerning payphone providers, e.g. proposed issues G and K. Each of these concerns the impact that the assignment of N11 codes will have on payphone providers and so falls squarely within the scope of Issue 18 on the Issues List.
Instead of limiting the issues it wishes addressed to the proceeding at hand, MAPA appears (notably in proposed issue E) to want to use the Commission's consideration of TWP's Petition as another forum in which to voice grievances about compensation to payphone providers for the completion of 411 calls. That matter was previously before the Commission3 and should not be relitigated here.


N11 Code, Case No. 8582, Letter to All Parties of Record from O. Ray Bourland Ill, Chief Hearing Examiner, dated October 22,1993, p.2 ("lnfodial and MAPA take the case as they find it"). Because it was unclear whether you had reviewed MAPA's proposal before sending the October 22 letter, TWP takes this opportunity to clarify that the Case No. 8582 Issues for Nil Code Assignment attached to your October 22 letter is comprehensive, and that you do not intend to include MAPA's proposed issues in that list.
2 Attachment A depicts the relationship between each of MAPA's Proposed Issues and those on the Issues List.
3 In the matter of the Application of the Chesapeake & Potomac Tel. Co. of Md. to Continue & Revise the Alternative Regulation Plan & to Revise & Restructure its Rates & Charges, Case No. 8482.

O. Ray Bourland, Ill

October 27,1993

Page 3

TWP asks that you direct MAPA to address only those matters directly relevant to this proceeding, and require it to do so within the framework of the Issues List adopted at the Prehearing Conference.

Henry D. Levine


1200 Nineteenth St., N.W.

Suite 602

Washington, D.C. 20036


Charles O. Monk, II

Stuart R. Berger


100 South Charles St.

Baltimore, MD 21201

Counsel for

The Washington Post Company

cc: All Parties of Record (by fax and first class mail)


Proposed Issue Issues List

A 1,6

B 1,6

C 1,3,4,6,8

D 9,13,14,15

E *

F 1,3,4

G 18

H 6


J 9,11

K 18
* For reasons stated in the text of the letter, this proposed issue is beyond the scope of the proceeding.

Certificate of Service

I, Leah Moebius, hereby certify that true and correct copies of the foregoing document were served this 27th day of October 1993 by first class mail, postage prepaid, upon the following parties:

JoAnn Lucanik Scott J. Rafferty

Assistant Staff Counsel 4730 Massachusetts Ave.

Public Service Commission of Washington, D.C. 20016


6 St. Paul Centre

Baltimore, MD 21202-6806

J. William Sarver Zachary Pappadeas

Vice President/General Counsel Lawlor & Pappadeas

The Chesapeake & Potomac 8720 Georgia Ave.

Telephone Co. Suite 205

Constellation Place Silver Spring, MD 20910

One East Pratt Street, 8E

Baltimore, MD 21202

Dan F. Schramm John M. Glynn

Vice President Frederick H. Hoover, Jr.

Quaterra Communications Corp. Office of the People's Counsel

324 E. Wisconsin Ave. Suite 313 6 St. Paul Centre, Suite 2102

Milwaukee, WI 53202 Baltimore, MD 21202-8806

Mari Stanley Paul Walter

The Baltimore Sun Company Tydings & Rosenberg

501 North Calvert Street 100 East Pratt Street

P.O. Box 1377 Baltimore, MD 21202

Baltimore, MD 21278-0001
Mark A. Keffer Robert C. Lopardo

Wilma R. McCarey State Regulatory &

AT&T Communications of Maryland Governmental Affairs

3033 Chain Bridge Road, Room 3D MCl Telecommunications Corp.

Oakton, VA 22185-0001 113319th Street, NW., 11th Floor

Washington, D.C. 20036

Richard S. Bell Thomas P. Perkins, Ill

Vice President/General Counsel H. Russell Frisby

Marketlink, Inc., lnfodial Division Venable, Baetjer and Howard

1101 E. 78th Street, Suite 305 1800 Mercantile Bank & Trust Bldg.

Bloomington, MN 55425 Two Hopkins Plaza

Baltimore, MD 21201

Leah Moebius

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__1________________________________$<_ ___°_Pþð___________°___`___À___ _$<_ _______ð___________°___`___À___ __






__ÿÿ______________________________ð___________°___`___À___ _$<_ _______ð___________°___`___À___ __í




__1_;___ÿÿ_________________________$<_ _______ð___________°___`___À___ _$<_ _______ð___________°___`___À___ __;___=___V_Ç___ÿÿÉ___1_Ë___1__________________________$<_ _______ð___________°___`___À___ _$<_ _______ð___________°___`___À___ __Ë___Í___V_____V_____V_____V_‰___V_‹___V_O___V___________________________________________ _$<_ _______ð___________°___`___À___ __O___f___V_w___1____1____1__________________________$<_ _______ð___________°___`___À___@_$<_ ___°_Pþð___________°___`___À___@_____ƒ___V_N___ÿÿP___1________________________________$<_ _______ð___________°___`___À___@_$<_ _______ð___________°___`___À___@__P___\___V_^___1_`___1_b___1__________________________$<_ _______ð___________°___`___À___@_$<_ ___@___ð___________°___`___À___@__b___d___V_u___1______________________________________$<_ ___@___ð___________°___`___À___@_$<_ _______ð___________°___`___À___@__u___w___V____1_ª___1_µ___1__________________________$<_ ___@___ð___________°___`___À___@_$<_ _______ð___________°___`___À___@__µ___Í___V_Û___V_Ý___1_ß___1__________________________$<_ _______ð___________°___`___À___@_$<_ ___@___ð___________°___`___À___@__ß___ô___V_____V_____V_/___V_D___V_R___V_____________________________________°___`___À___@_$<_ ___@___ð___________°___`___À___@__R___T___V_a___1_~___1________________________________$<_ ___@___ð___________°___`___À___@_$<_ _______ð___________°___`___À___@__~___€___V_‚___V_„___V_†___V_¿___V_À___V_____________________________________°___`___À___@_$<_ _______ð___________°___`___À___@__À___Î___V_Ð___1_ò___ÿÿ_______________________________$<_ _______ð___________°___`___À___@_$<_ _______ð___________°___`___À___@__ò___ô___^_ö___^_þ___@_____@_____@_______________________________ð___”<_ _______à_______________ð _“<_ _______ð___________`___Д_____#___]_)___]_3___]_:___]_@___]_I___]_R___]__________________________________________________ð ”<_ _______à_______________ð __R___Y___]_[___]_]___]_____]_a___]_c___]________________________________________________________ð ”<_ _______à_______________ð __c___Ï___^_è___A_ê___$___________________“<_ _______ð___________`___Д“<_ _______ð___________`___Д“<_ _______ð___________`___Д_ê___ì___^_±___^_³___^_Ô___E_____E__________________________________Д“<_ _<_ _ðú____ð___________@_“<_ _______ð___________`___Д_____:___b_E___b_X___b_r___b_t___b_v___b_›___b_Î___b__________________________________________________ _<_ _ðú____ð___________@__Î___ú___b_____b_A___b_\___b_q___b_s___b_u___b_“___b__________________________________________________ _<_ _ðú____ð___________@__“___¼___b_ú___b_9___b_g___b_i___b_ƒ___b_²___b_â___b__________________________________________________ _<_ _ðú____ð___________@__â____“__b_­“__b_!“__b_C“__b_h“__b_Ÿ“__b_Ý“__b__”__b__________________________________________________ _<_ _ðú____ð___________@___”__.”__b_/”__b_W”__b_‰”__b_Ê”__b_ __b_6 __b_L __b__________________________________________________ _<_ _ðú____ð___________@__L __N __b_P __b_R __b_T __b_V __E________________________________________“<_ _______ð___________@___ __<_ _ðú____ð___________@__V __X __^_f __A_g __A_h __ÿÿ_________________________________________“<_ _____@_ð___________@___ _“<_ _______ð___________@___ ___Ò_à=Ð/__«_•3 _0*____@8ÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜ__


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